Roland Frasier Discussed Some Issues Related to SPAM laws compliance

Roland Frasier
You may be thinking that the world of marketing is already perfect and you will only learn all from it. However, Roland Frasier realized that there are still many marketing mistakes, especially in email marketing, that could cripple your email campaigns to get more traffic for your website and to get all your targeted audiences. So far those mistakes include not having the correct information in the “from” field, trying to pack so many information into your email, trying to include rich content, not having the correct information in the subject line, and not writing the “above the line”.

Nevertheless, other than that, Roland Frasier discussed about a mistake that may actually cause you with some real problems above to get into the inbox and to get your message read by your readers. In this certain email marketing mistake that can cripple your email marketing, Roland Frasier further discussed about some issues related to SPAM laws compliance and the choices for the user description. One of the best ways of avoiding to be reported and labeled as spam is just as simple as giving your reader an easy way to choose to receive your messages at the very top your message.

Roland Frasier

Research studies shown that there are many customers, who do not understand what it means with the word SPAM. A great number of readers will be reporting your message as SPAM if they do not find it interesting, if they receive so much messages regarding a topic that do not interest them, if they do not recognize you as the sender, if they receive so much messages from you, and if they want to unsubscribe. In these situations, it will be fair for them to report your message a spam, especially if they selected to receive your messages in the first place.

One of the best things that you can do in order to avoid to be reported as spam, staying compliant with the applicable spam laws, is giving your reader a choice to unsubscribe or opt out from your messages right at the very top of the message before they read it. Firstly, you should complement the readers from their decision to subscribe to you, then, remind them that they signed up so that they can receive information from you. Another thing is that you should give them the chance to opt-out, and let them know that if they will opt out, they will be receiving no email from you.

To know how you can avoid these situations with Roland Frasier’s help will help you deliver more traffic to your website and eventually get more customers.

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